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In taming a wild, ferocious horse, yet It Is the
quickest way of gaining a horse's confidence and
teaching him not to be afraid.

When the warrior has run his fingers over every
inch of the horse's head and neck, he now starts to
approach Ms shoulders and flanks with his fingers.
The horse will start to jump about again at this,
but a couple of sharp jerks on the string stop him,
and as he stands trembling with fear, the warrior
slowly runs his hand over his left side. When this
is finished he stands back and takes a blanket and
strikes all of the portions of his body that he has
touched, and shouts, 'ShuhP with each stiff stroke
of the blanket.

When he has repeated these two operations on
the other side of the horse, he now starts to do his
legs. Each Ieg3 beginning with his left front leg^
must be gone over by his hand5 with not an Inch
of Its surface escaping his touch. This is the
most ticklish part of the work; for his feet are the
horse's deadly weapons. But two more jerks on
the string quiet the horse's resentment, and within
another fifteen minutes every square Inch of the
horse's body has been touched and rubbed, even
down to his tail and the ticklish portions of his
belly and between his legs.

Now, the job of breaking the horse is all but
finished. There is just one other thing to do5 and
that is to accustom the horse to a man hopping